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Women's Section

There is a real consensus amongst the members, that Kenwick Park continue an already established drive towards attracting and welcoming new women and girls to Membership and for new players to the game of golf.

As a member of Kenwick Park, Women have a wide range of opportunities to play golf socially and competitively.  The main Women's Competition day is Tuesday and entries are taken all day.  You can choose to play in the draw which commences at 10.00am or at a time that suits you, with your friends.  There are also numerous opportunities to play competitively at the Weekend throughout the year.

On Thursday mornings the Senior Ladies roll up to tee off at 9.30 am. 



Our Women's section have played a huge part in shaping the club since it opened in 1992.

In 2018 history was made by the Kenwick Park Ladies as they became one of the first golf clubs in the UK in voting to change their name to Kenwick Park Women.

By adopting a modern attitude to language and equality, they proved their willingness to continue to promote a more inclusive and forward thinking approach, to current and prospective members.

To further promote this the Golf Club are signatories of the England Golf 'Women in Golf Charter'.  To read more about this follow the link below....



Our Women's section shot to promenance in 1995 when they won the National Mail on Sunday competition at Champ de Bataille in France.

Our Womens and Girls sections have helped to develop Elite Golfers too, as Sophie Walker and Holly Clyburn who were both Junior Girls golfers at Kenwick have enjoyed many years on the Ladies LET circuit.


New to Golf?

We are the perfect place to enjoy learning to play this great game!  Our friendly staff and experienced coaches can help 'Get you into Golf'!

Our practice facilities lend themselves perfectly to trying the game for the very first time. 



Golf can offer you the opportunities to relax, laugh, take regular exercise and even make new friends.  For further enquiries please don't hesitate to contact the club on 01507 607161.


Getting to know 2020/21 Captain Rose Stevenson............ 

  • When did you start playing golf?

My first attempt at golf was in 2007, on a 9 hole course in British Columbia, Canada ( memorable for a bear cub running down the fairway!) After playing a few more times with friends on that holiday, I moved on to trying out some lessons at Kenwick before joining the club in July 2008.... so Kenwick really is my Golf Home!

  • What is your lowest ever Handicap? 22


  • In a sentence or two what are your hopes as a Captain?

I hope I can encourage ALL the ladies of the Women's Section to join in & enjoy a great year of golf, friendship & fun so that everyone feels included & able to take on the roles of helping to run our section. And hopefully we can raise lots of money for the Captain's charity in the process!

  • What is your fondest memory of Kenwick Park?

I've had so many great times at Kenwick its difficult to think of just one...both from playing golf & socialising with the many friends I have made.... but a 'stand out' day for me was winning the Walmer Cup in  last year's Championship.

  • Outside of golf what is your most enjoyable hobby?

I enjoy exercise classes at Meridian Leisure centre ( pilates, body conditioning & dancing badly in zumba!) ...but mostly I love HOLIDAYS!

  • Which is your favourite hole at Kenwick?

The 7th....usually I can play it well but really love it for the view from the top of the hill.

  • After Kenwick what is the best course you have played?

Wanaka Golf course, South Island, New Zealand....just for the stunning scenery & views of the lake & backdrop of the mountains. Also Champ de Bataille which I played this year & loved it.

  • What is your favourite club in your golf bag?

Probably changes every game depending on how I'm playing...but I usually manage to get my 7 iron to work!

  • What is your ‘go to’ order from Howard and Sammy in the clubhouse?

Unfortunately for my waistline, any one of the yummy cakes laid out on the bar ....just too good to resist!  ( & white wine spritzer!!)

  • Which three famous golfers or celebrities would make up your dream golfing 4 ball?

Naga Munchetty, Samuel L Jackson & Barack Obama

..all keen & dedicated golfers....and the conversations would be amazing!!

Like all Captains past and present Rose will need the support of the membership, the staff and her Vice Captain.  We are pleased to announce that Pam Hayward will take up the Vice Captains role from the start of November.

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