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There is a real consensus amongst the members, that Kenwick Park continue an already established drive towards attracting and welcoming new women and girls to Membership and for new players to the game of golf.

As a member of Kenwick Park, Women have a wide range of opportunities to play golf socially and competitively.  The main Women's Competition day is Tuesday and entries are taken all day.  You can choose to play in the draw which commences at 10.00am or at a time that suits you, with your friends.  There are also numerous opportunities to play competitively at the Weekend throughout the year.

On Thursday mornings the Senior Ladies roll up to tee off at 9.30 am. 



Our Women's section have played a huge part in shaping the club since it opened in 1992.

In 2018 history was made by the Kenwick Park Ladies as they became one of the first golf clubs in the UK in voting to change their name to Kenwick Park Women.

By adopting a modern attitude to language and equality, they proved their willingness to continue to promote a more inclusive and forward thinking approach, to current and prospective members.

To further promote this the Golf Club are signatories of the England Golf 'Women in Golf Charter'.  To read more about this follow the link below....



Our Women's section shot to promenance in 1995 when they won the National Mail on Sunday competition at Champ de Bataille in France.

Our Womens and Girls sections have helped to develop Elite Golfers too, as Sophie Walker and Holly Clyburn who were both Junior Girls golfers at Kenwick have enjoyed many years on the Ladies LET circuit.


New to Golf?

We are the perfect place to enjoy learning to play this great game!  Our friendly staff and experienced coaches can help 'Get you into Golf'!

Our practice facilities lend themselves perfectly to trying the game for the very first time. 



Golf can offer you the opportunities to relax, laugh, take regular exercise and even make new friends.  For further enquiries please don't hesitate to contact the club on 01507 607161.


Getting to know 2021/22 Captain Pam Hayward............ 


  • When did you stat playing golf?

My husband and my sisters tried very hard over a 10 year period to get me to play golf. I tried and failed miserably. Having no natural sporting ability I could not get the hang of it and wondered why anyone in their right mind would want to put themselves through the torture of chasing a small ball around a golf course. Having attempted to play a round with my sister at Woodthorpe, I was told off by one of the members for playing two balls. My response was that I was having enough trouble with one ball and was simply taking a lot of shots. In 2009 I finally decided to join Kenwick and if I was paying a membership fee I was definitely going to play. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. My husband should have been careful what he wished for as now I play more than he does. Over a two year period myself and three sisters were members at Kenwick and we've had some great times together.

  • What is your lowest handicap ever?


  • What is your fondest memory of Kenwick Park?

I have many happy memories of my time at Kenwick but perhaps the one that stands out most for me wasn't actually at Kenwick. When Ashton Turner played his first professional tournament I was there. It was at Stoke-by-Nayland Golf Club in Suffolk. I was staying with family and decided I would watch him play. I attended both days and walked around with Ashton and his caddie. It was a wonderful experience to watch Ash play in his cool, calm manner and also see him win his first ever tournament. I also saved him the trouble of transporting his extremely heavy tour bag across London by train and tube and delivered it safely back to Kenwick.

  • Outside of Golf what is your most enjoyable hobby?

I used to be a gymaholic but gave it up for golf. I spend as much time as possible with our children (of which we have 5) and our 3 grandchildren who are spread around the country.

  • Which is your favourite hole at Kenwick?

The 16th which I love and hate in equal measure.

  • After Kenwick what is the best course you have played?

The LPGA International in Daytona Beach, Florida. Fabulous course, fabulous weather. What's not to like.

  • What is your favourite club in your golf bag?

I have a WMD 11 wood. Never heard of WMD, me neither but it is the most useful club in my bag. Every time I have a lesson with Paul Spence he looks upon it with disdain. Hands off Paul.

  • What is your 'go to' order from Howard & Sammy in the Clubhouse?

I enjoy all the food that Sammy and Howard provide but of late my go to has been 2 slices of burnt toast with lashings of butter!

  • Which three famous golfers or celebrities would make up your dream golfing 4 ball?

Lee Westwood, Rory McIlroy and Ian Poulter. They are probably the 3 players that got me interested in watching golf on tv.


Like all Captains past and present Pam will need the support of the membership, the staff and her Vice Captain.  We are pleased to announce that Jo Dawson will take up the Vice Captains role from the start of November.

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