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Kenwick Park has a well deserved reputation not only for its excellent golf course and charming clubhouse but also for the friendliness of the members. New members are made most welcome and are encouraged to participate in all of the club activities.


Full memberships are available on an Introductory Offer with no Joining Fee. As well as Full membership we also offer memberships designed for Beginners, Juniors, and the Occasional Golfer.

Our Adult Academy membership is aimed at the beginner. Our practice facilities provide the perfect environment in which to learn the game.

We offer Occasional & Pay as you play Golf memberships to members who cannot play enough to justify the cost of full membership. They enjoy all of the benefits of club membership for a reduced subscription.

We have a thriving Juniors Section. Our professionals, through our Golf Academy, encourage children of all ages to learn, play and enjoy golf.


There is currently no joining fee.

Full Membership (Non Shareholder) £935
Intermediate (ages 22 to 30)* £500
Intermediate + (ages 31 to 34)* £625
Flexible Points Membership** £550
Academy Membership £165
Junior Golf 



Country Membership*** £590
Overseas £700
* Intermediate Membership capped at 60 individuals, £200 per year supplement if category is full. Incremental increases each year from age 31 to age 34.

** Click on the link for Flexible Points membership tariff:-

Flexible Points Membership.pdf

*** For those living outside a 30 mile radius.

Download your members information pack here...........

Members Welcome Pack.pdf

Joining a golf club offers so much more than just a game of golf.........

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Download a Membership form below:-

Membership Application Form.pdf

Completed membership forms should be emailed to [email protected] and we will get back in touch with you.

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If you are looking for a new club or considering taking up golf, please contact Michael Langford our Director of Golf (01507 605134) to arrange a tour of the club or complete the form below.

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