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Women in Golf Charter

We are proud to be signatories on the England Golf's Women in Golf Charter, reaffirming our long standing commitment to promote the Women's game.

We hope to inspire other clubs from across the country to develop a more inclusive culture within golf for more women and girls to develop across all levels of the sport. Our commitments and targets have been set to ensure we continue to develop as a sport whilst working on all aspects of the club from club governance to recruitment and retention.



CharterSignatoryCertificate - Kenwick Park.pdf


The Charter is a Club commitment that will be constantly monitored by the Director of Golf, our Charter Champion Rose Stevenson (2020/21 Captain) and the Golf Club Committee to ensure we are meeting our targets.

Our commitments amongst others for this year are......

  1. To retain and encourage current women members via activities aligned with key England Golf campaigns.
  2. To recruit new young members and promote pathway for them to progress within the club.
  3. To raise the profile of Kenwick Park Golf Club as a forward-thinking club welcoming all women players for
    New Prestigious events at the Club
  4. To maintain our SafeGolf accreditation
  5. To maintain an agreed minimum female representation on our Board of Directors by actively promoting
    these positions linked to appropriate role descriptors that are not gender specific.


Listing what you would like to achieve is the easy part but delivering it requires planning and dedication to the project, something we have an abundance of here at Kenwick Park Golf Club.


To read more about our Women's Section click on the link below...



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