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The Captain for 2018 is Steve Clarke who extends a warm welcome to members and visitors.

For most of my business life I was just too busy to play golf other than on Saturdays, when hockey or tennis were my sport of choice, other than 5 years as a GTFC season ticket holder.

I took up golf too late to ever be any good at it! I began in my forties when I could not cut it at astro hockey having enjoyed hockey on natural grass. I also played a lot of tennis, including team club tennis, and still play at least twice a week. In the early nineties golf membership was nowhere to be had, and this led me to join as a founder member, as well as a business member. However, it was many years before I was able to play at Kenwick which for a beginner was impossible! The wooded areas which are clear now were a forest of bramble and ferns which was demoralising and very expensive on balls.

My golfing highlights revolve really around the places I have been lucky enough to play, which include many exotic and faraway locations, such as Palm Springs, Hawaii, China and lots of the best UK courses. Perhaps the most novel was playing in the midsummer Arctic Open in Northern Iceland, teeing off at 10pm and playing through the night, amazing!

It has been a joy watching the relentless improvements in the course at Kenwick. All those winters when we complained about fairway groundworks have led to huge benefit today. The days of Kenwick being an 8 month course are long gone, and the refining of the course continues apace which makes me feel positively proud to say I am a member. I love the 9th hole, as it typifies the subtle improvements that have been made.

Once rather dull and bland, it now has the added feature of the new sculptured bunker on the right, the bunker on the left now looks like a bunker, not a blind hole in the ground, and the greenside area has the small bunker facing you, complete with swale behind and the sight of the new half-way house nestled in the trees behind, gorgeous! My Captains Charity will be the Brain Tumour Trust- https://www.thebraintumourcharity.org As Captain there is nothing I can add to the golf and the excellent support facilities. To me it’s about the people, and my mantra is that playing golf is 50% the game and 50% the company, and so it’s the people that can make or break the club.

My target therefore is to encourage that feeling of belonging to something special, to build on the Kenwick welcome to members and visitors alike, and to banish once and for all any lingering perception that Kenwick is elitist. In short, I will sell the wonder of Kenwick to anyone who cares to listen.

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