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On Thu July 12 2018, by Office

Seniors Matches Order of Merit

Played ten won five Home against Louth and Hull and away at Cleethorpes and Waltham. Both defeats were narrow against Woodhall home and away. We also lost at Elsham, Louth and Hull away.

Same format as usual, you get a point for turning up, a further point if you halve the match and the show offs who didn't get paired with me unless you are called Jim get two further points if they win. With a horrendous amount of work and ground breaking technology we (I) keep a running tally of result scores as a tie breaker if required. Captain Steve would really welcome as much support as we can muster putting teams out so get your names down when the lists go up please.

Next match is Sleaford away Wednesday 23rd July 2018.

Order of Merit 2018

P Marsden7122518
M Slowey5222113
R Culpin341188
Y To5 318-6
J Dinsdale412168
C Gayler4111511
K Koslow322156
I Jacklin22515-4
S Blackburn3 615-8
G Parkinson3111210
D Thurston222124
J Fitzgerald3 1102
S Langford212101
M Powell2 410-13
T Ince3  912
A Rogers21194
B McLoughlin21190
A Smaggasgale2 28-1
K Keeler2 28-6
R Nayak1 25-6
B Briggs1 25-8
I Gaunt1 141
M Bood  44-14
S Hutson1  34
I Waterhouse1  33
J Hexton1  33
J Moody1  33
H Donnelly1  32
M Ryder1  32
B Thaxter1  32
S Clarke1  32
G Cowley1  32
G Hewstone1  32
P Rogers1  31
D Gaunt 1 20
S Hartley  22-2
M Riggall  22-2
S Fleming  22-3
D Kayee  22-5
T Hayward  11-3
G Hobern  11-4
J Clark  11-4

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