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Charity Day Result 2016

Charity Day : Charity Day Result 2016

Charity Day 2017 Results


1st        Olivers Army

            Mark Irving                                       David Lysandrou

            Steve Thompson                               Dan Thompson


 2nd       Captains Pick

            John Teanby                                      Jim Dinsdale

            Steve Wood                                       John Hood                                        


 3rd       Four 4 Four

            Paul Teanby                                      Ray Pearson

            John Durrant                                     Paul Brown


 4th        Gazza’s Galactico’s

            Gary Spencer                                    Carl Pickard

            Ian Dickinson                                   Mickey Griffiths


5th        Driving Miss Tracey

            Tracey Stobart                                  Bill Wood

            Chris Reiners                                    Julia Sales    

                                                                                                (42 back 9)                80pts

 6th        Weighed In   

            Rob Houlton                                     Elaine Houlton

            Malcolm Crow                                  Sandra Crow

                                                                                                (40 back 9)                80pts

 7th        Grasswell Holiday Cottages

Martin Fisher                        Ian Boyd

Steve Kellett                       Alan Anderson


 8th        Faux Par        

            Colin Burkitt                                     Dermot Dreelan

            Ann Walker                                       Sue Burkitt

                                                                                                (41 back 9)                76pts


Ladies Prize (Best Ladies team outside the Top 5)

Weapons of Grass Destruction

            Sue Fisher                                          Jill Harrington

            Freda Cooper                                    Ranka Cartledge





Beat the Pro- 132 attempts & 18 winners each win a £20 shop voucher each

                        (2016 128 attempts & 22 winners)  (2015 124 attempts & 10 winner)

£300 + £400 from Tri Pack  to charity


John Hood                 Mabel Blackburn                 Gary Grantham                     Julia Sales    

Tracey Stobart          Sandra Crow                         Jim Cane                                Simon Hartley

Tom Gladwell           Ian Dickinson                       Ruth Anyan                           Lesley Burton

Cindy Ireland            Bernie Stafford                     Sue Burkitt                            Dermot Dreelan

Joe Ward                    Jo Cudmore!!!!



Nearest the Line-6th Hole

Ladies-           Alison Cook              26’’


Gents-            Pete Owen                 1’4’’


Nearest the Pin

2nd -    Jo Cudmore                           ACE


8th-      Carl Bristow                          3’1’’


12th-    Simon Hartley                       2’5’’


17th-    Nigel Towse                          45.5’’



2's Sweep

Nigel Towse              Pete Wilyman            Malcom Crow           Paul Teanby             

Karl Koslow              Ian Dickinson           Mickey Griffiths       Tracey Stobart

Colin Burkitt             Malcom Bood           Ron Irwin                  Brian Stephenson

Graham Cowley        Jim Cane                    Simon Hartley           Carl Bristow

Clive Damms Joe Henderson

‘Beat the Jo’- Jo Cudmore (Hole in One)




Next Years competition will be played off 90%